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8/31/10 - Moment of Impact Diorama
I decided to have a little fun with the camera tonight.  After receiving Johnny Lightning's Death Proof Nova a week ago I decided to search for a Honda Civic similar to the one the girls drove in the movie.  Searching eBay I discovered that Johnny Lightning also makes a Civic that's close enough to the movie car.  Using nail polish remover, I removed the white racing stripes on the Civic.  With a little trick photography and some Photoshop, I tried to recreate the moment of impact from Death Proof.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  Now if I can only find a little teeny tiny Rubber Duck hood ornament.



8/30/10 - Hot Wheels News
Visiting the Hot Wheels Collectors Forum I saw some interesting pics in the Sneak Peeks section.  It looks like the Batmobile from The Batman animated series is returning to the lineup in the Track Stars line.  This time it will have a black and red color scheme.  There are also pics of the Danicar designed by Danica Patrick.  Both will be hitting stores in mid October.  I don't have permission to repost the pics so click HERE to see them.




8/29/10 - Brought to you by the letter M 
I found the latest wave from the Cars Final Lap Collection at Target today.  Coincidentally, all the characters' names start with the letter M.  Pictured above, from left, are boom operator Matti, Matthew "True Blue" McCrew, Marty Brakeburst and Marlon "Clutches" McKay (in non-blinky-eyes form.)  I'm still searching for the previous FLC wave that includes Bert, Arnie, Flo with Tray and non-blinky Shovel McQueen. 


I've decided to reorganize the Cars Gallery.  With literally HUNDREDS of images, the page was getting too big and took too long to load.  I decided to break the gallery into sub-categories.  Now when you visit the Cars page you'll be given a list of options:


Desert Scene - This page includes characters that were first introduced way back in 2006 when the line first hit stores.

Supercharged - Although many of the main characters were re-released on Supercharged cards, this page only includes characters that were new to the Cars line. 

World of Cars - Again, many characters were re-released on WOC packaging, but this page only inlcudes characters that were new to the Cars line. 

Race-O-Rama - This page includes only new characters that were introduced to the Cars line on ROR packaging. 

Final Lap Collection - This page only includes characters that were introduced to the Cars line in this Target-Exclusive offering.  Some of these characters were also introduced in the "blinky-eyes" line, but I prefer the non-blinky eyes characters. 

Story Tellers/Toons - This page includes characters from the Story Tellers and Toons line that were introduced in books and animated shorts.

K-Mart Collectors Event - This page includes characters that were only offered at K-Mart Collectors events.

Launchers - This page only includes race cars that appeared for the first time as a launcher. 

Holiday Themes - This page only includes holiday-themed packaging, including Halloween, Easter and Christmas.

Mega Size - This page only includes characters introduced on Oversized or Mega Size packaging.

Chase Cars - This page only includes characters that were offered on Chase packaging. 

Miscellaneous - This page includes multi-packs, boxed sets, playsets and certain exclusives. 

Currently, I don't have pages dedicated to Haulers and Blinky-Eyes, since I don't really collect those.  I'll probably eventually create a Haulers page, but for the most part, the Blinky-Eyes cars have been offered in non-blinky versions.  There are other online resources that are FAR more thorough that include every character, every variation and every packaging change.  Please send me an e-mail if you feel something was left out that should be included. 



8/29/10 - Chasing Cars
I found another Chase car at Toys R Us on Saturday.  This time it's Filmore with organic gas cans.  This gets me caught up on Chase cars for now.  It looks like the next Chase car will be Lightning McQueen with Paint Mask. (His wheels are covered and taped.)



8/27/10 - Transformers Battle Series 2
I popped into Toys R Us and found these new Transformers 2-packs.  These aren't die-cast metal.  They're plastic like the RPMs line although I guess Hasbro isn't calling them RPMs anymore.  They're now part of the Speed Stars line.  I found five of the six sets. 



01 of 06 - Sideswipe VS Wreckloose
02 of 06 - Nightwatch Bumblebee VS Patrol Barricade
03 of 06 - Optimus Prime VS Bonecrusher
04 of 06 - Optimus Prime (Variant) VS Desert Long Haul
05 of 06 - Jetfire VS Megatron

Not Found

06 of 06 - Enforcer Ironhide VS Mixmaster




8/26/10 - A White-Hot Juggernaut at 200 Miles Per Hour!
I got a nice little birthday present today (from myself.)  I ordered Johnny Lightning's Death Proof Nova online and it arrived in the mail today. I was so surprised when I found out JL had released this as part of their main line and I'm excited to be able to add this to my collection.  This car has ranked on the Wish List during the year so look for a new poll soon to help decide what should replace it on the list. 




8/24/10 - More Dream Cruise Pics
The aroma of exhaust still hangs heavy in the air as the 2010 Woodward Dream Cruise is now a memory.  Rain on Saturday didn't keep people from lining the streets to check out all the awesome cars, including the amazing Hollywood cars that were out and about.  My friend Michael sent me a few images he snapped on Friday and Saturday.  I'm already looking forward to NEXT year!




8/21/10 - Cars Cubed
I walked into Toys R Us today and was stunned to find a Cars Cube sitting in the aisle FULLY STOCKED,  untouched by human hands!  Not one piece was missing from the cube so, apparently, I was the first person to give it a careful once-over.  To my disappointment, there weren't many new things in the cube.  I was really hoping to find Bessie, which I haven't seen in stores yet, but she was nowhere to be found.  Instead, I did stumble on to four new Deluxe characters from the Cars Toon line.  Pictured above, from left are Mater as The Tormentor, Lightning McQueen as Frightening McMean, Rasta Carian and Dr. Feel Bad.  These characters appear in the short wrestling spoof Monster Truck Mater, which can be seen in its entirety HERE.




8/20/10 - Let's Go Cruisin'!
If you love cars then there's no better place to be than the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan!  On Friday evening, things officially got underway with a ribbon cutting ceremony in Ferndale, Michigan, where it all began.  Later that evening, the city of Berkley hosted their annual Cruisefest event with a spectacular parade of classic cars.  The legendary George Barris was the parade's Grand Marshal and he rode in the back of the Monkeemobile (above, right.)  The very same Monkeemobile that was housed in his North Hollywood shop for 40 years.  The car now resides here in Michigan.  Following the Monkeemobile were The A-Team van, the Batmobile, General Lee, Ecto-1 and Herbie the Love Bug, among others.  While I shot video my nephew Grant quickly fired off the pictures you see above.  I'll post the video in a few days.  It was a great event and, believe it or not, the fun continues all day Saturday as cars drive along a 16 mile stretch of Woodward Avenue.  I plan on shooting more video on Saturday.  Maybe I'll see you somewhere along Woodward!



8/17/10 - Does It Come in Red?
I found this stunning new Hot Wheels release at WalMart today, a Ferrari 308 GTS.  If Mattel decides to follow this up with a red version then we collectors will have the ultimate version of the Ferrari from the TV series Magnum P.I.   COME ON MATTEL!


8/19 UPDATE:  Apparently, it DOES come in red.  Danny Finical sent me a pic of the car you see at left.  Unfortunately, it has a black interior, but a swap with the interior from the blue version shouldn't be TOO difficult. 




8/16/10 - Danica + Hot Wheels = Fun!
I saw this commercial for the first time during the NASCAR Nationwide race at MIS last weekend.  Danica Patrick revealed her new Hot Wheels-themed car a few days before the race.  If you haven't seen the commercial, it's now posted online for your enjoyment. 



8/14/10 - Death Proof Nova???
This was first brought to my attention in the Forum a couple of days ago.  I thought it was some sort of elaborate custom, but several sources confirm it's the real deal.  Apparently, Johnny Lightning has included the Chevy Nova from Death Proof in its Forever 64 series.



8/11/10 - Tron Legacy
Somehow I overlooked this when I was trying to find out what exclusives were being offered at Comic Con.  Disney was offering an exclusive 1:50 scale die-cast version of Sam's Light Cycle from the upcoming film Tron Legacy.  Don't fret if you missed it.  Thanks to a heads-up from Eric, I found out that an entire line of 1:50 scale Tron Legacy vehicles will soon be coming to a store near you.  There are pics over at Entertainment Earth.




8/10/10 - Metal Detected!
Just when I was about to give up hope that Hasbro would release these here in the US, I walk into Toys R Us and BAM, there they are.  The Transformers Metal Heroes line has FINALLY landed on American soil.  Pictured above, from left, are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Barricade, Ironhide, Soundwave and Jetfire, all made of die-cast metal.  I also found Bumblebee from the NEST Global Alliance Series (whatever that is.)  The packaging promises "More Vehicles on the Way!"




8/10/10 - Domo arigato.
Get to your nearest Toys R Us!  What were empty pegs just a few days ago are now overflowing with toy goodness.  Not only did I find the latest Cars Toon releases from the animated short Tokyo Mater (above), but they were on sale to boot!  The Cars Toon line is on sale two for $6.99.  Not too shabby.



8/8/10 - Chasing Cars
I heard reports that recent Cars releases have been showing up at stores like K-Mart, Big Lots and Kohl's.  I went into Kohl's today looking for Mega Size Bessie.  I didn't find her, but I did find Chase Rust-Eze McQueen.  That was a nice surprise. 




8/7/10 - Now You See It... Now You Don't.
While out and about on this Saturday afternoon, I popped into a comic shop about a mile away from my new place.  I stumbled onto two awesome finds.  I was stunned to see, or NOT see, Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet from Comic Con.  This has to be one of the silliest things I've ever spent money on since I started collecting.  There's nothing in the package!  NOTHING!  The outline of a jet that you see in the image above is actually a recessed clear plastic tray.  There's a plastic ring to securely fasten the ... um ... invisible jet in place.  Apparently, this whole thing started out as an April Fool's joke earlier this year.  Mattel decided to go ahead with the concept and sell an empty package.  BRILLIANT!  The above images have been added to the Cartoons/Comics Gallery.


My other find is the Penguin Batmobile from Mattel's 1:50 scale line of Bat-Vehicles.  This version is based on an episode from the 1966 TV series in which Burgess Meredith's Penguin steals the Batmobile.  I have NEVER seen this at any of the major retailers I visit on a regular basis.  I was pretty surprised to find this hanging on a peg at the comic book shop.  With this purchase I believe I'm caught up on the 1:50 scale line for now and I'm looking forward to the upcoming releases announced by Mattel.



8/7/10 - He Ain't the Sharpest Knife...
I finally found the final character to complete the Hot Wheels Toy Story 3 line of vehicles.  I'm not sure why Turbo Chunk was so hard to find, but today while at K-Mart I saw a full case of Toy Story 3 cars and pulled Chunk out of the case.  It looks like Toy Story 3 will earn the title of biggest movie of 2010 with a domestic gross of almost $400 million.  Click HERE to see all the Toy Story die-cast cars to-date.




8/2/10 - Home of the Brave... and the Bold!
Well, I haven't found this in stores yet, but I couldn't wait, so I went the eBay route.  What we have here is the beautiful Batmobile from the Cartoon Network animated series The Brave and The Bold.  This ranks right up there with my favorite Batmobiles from Mattel.  It really is a thing of beauty.  I love the Bat-Face grill and the single fin in the rear.  It's the first new Batmobile in the Hot Wheels main line in a long, long time.  Mattel has done a lot of great things since they obtained the Batman license right around the same time I started this website in 2003!  Gosh, I actually miss hunting down all the different styles and color variations of years past.  Click HERE to take a stroll down Memory Lane. 





8/2/10 - Faster...and More Furiouser?
Just as I was sitting here lamenting the lack of car-centric movies this year I stumbled onto this trailer for the movie Faster, starring Dwayne Johnson.  I hadn't heard anything about this movie.  From the trailer, I couldn't tell if Dwayne "Driver" Johnson was a good guy or a bad guy.  But I checked IMDB for the synopsis:

"An ex-con sets out to avenge his brother's death after they were double-crossed during a heist years ago. During his campaign, however, he's tracked by a veteran cop and an egocentric hit man."

Faster will be in theaters in November.  Click HERE to visit the movie's official website.